Tom Riach access notes

The beloved “horizontal sport crag” of Tom Riach has recently had some issues related to access that visitors should be aware of.

In December last year, red rope appeared blocking off the large gate entrance space, along with new signs saying CCTV was in operation. Mountaineering Scotland’s Access & Conservation Officer contacted the landowners for more information. The new measures had been put in place by the landowners due to incidents of flytipping, and the landowners were not aware that bouldering was taking place at Tom Riach.

Thanks to Scotland’s access laws, bouldering at Tom Riach is still allowed. However, the landowners made Mountaineering Scotland aware that litter had been found in the woods, which is not acceptable. Please take all litter home with you, even if it’s not your litter! We can all do out bit like this to maintain a good relationship with the landowners.

A quick site visit by Andy from ScottishBloc on 11th Feb 2022 revealed that the red ropes previously blocking the parking spot, and CCTV signs, had gone. However, these red ropes were still in place at the large forest entrance along the road to the east. Parking of motor vehicles is not included within access laws, and the landowner has the right to block this area off. If it is blocked, please park considerately elsewhere (not in passing places) and walk back to the gate to access the boulder in the normal way.

The Tom Riach parking spot no longer (on 11/02/22) has the rope blocking it off, but please park considerately, don’t block the gate or the passing place.


  • Access is still allowed, but please respect the land
  • Please take your, and other people’s, litter away with you
  • If the parking spot is blocked, park considerately elsewhere (not in passing places)

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