Dumfries & Galloway bouldering update

Stewart Cable gives us the lowdown on recent developments around this quiet corner of Scotland… Something of an unknown even in the vague and murky world of Scottish bouldering, Dumfries & Galloway often goes through little spurts of popularity before fading back into obscurity for a few years. There are a few local climbers thatContinue reading “Dumfries & Galloway bouldering update”

Tom Riach access notes

The beloved “horizontal sport crag” of Tom Riach has recently had some issues related to access that visitors should be aware of. In December last year, red rope appeared blocking off the large gate entrance space, along with new signs saying CCTV was in operation. Mountaineering Scotland’s Access & Conservation Officer contacted the landowners forContinue reading “Tom Riach access notes”

Northwest sandstone update

The recent bouldering boom in the north of Scotland has mainly been focused on the rough gneisses of Strathnairn and the far Northwest. Development on the west coast sandstone between Applecross and Assynt seems to have taken a bit of a back seat. It’s understandable – fashions come and go and these areas have seenContinue reading “Northwest sandstone update”

Inverness area bouldering update 2020-21

Echoing much of the rest of the country, the Inverness area has seen a fair volume of traffic and development over the recent year. On the easing of the initial lockdown in 2020 climbers local to the Inverness scene emerged from their woodwork; fingerboards and home walls littering garages, lofts and living rooms. The geographicalContinue reading “Inverness area bouldering update 2020-21”

Moray bouldering update 2020-21

As well as Strathnairn, the crags of Moray have been getting some attention! Most of these are at the usual coastal sandstone crags but some interest has recently flared up further inland. Starting with Cummingston, Benjy Wilcock has added a short power problem, Mephitidae (6A+) on skunk walls which features both crimps and slopers fromContinue reading “Moray bouldering update 2020-21”

Clyde bouldering update 2020-21

During the Covid lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, Glasgow boulderers looked to their back close (figuratively speaking!), finding adventure and social distance on the boulders on the hills and in the woods surrounding the metropolis, some finding surprises within the city itself. It’s been a rich period of micro-exploration, with many old and new venuesContinue reading “Clyde bouldering update 2020-21”