Tom Riach

Aug 2022 update:

New access notes further to the Jan ’22 update below.

Forestry activity has recommenced on site. If there is machinery operating on site, it is advised to stay away. At other times, access is stil allowed. If asked to leave, please do so politely.

Currently a large track has been cleared from just below the climbers’ access gate to the boulder.

We are liaising with Mountaineering Scotland, who are in contact with the forestry managers. If you have any access issues or encounters with forestry workers, please report them to news[at]scottishbloc[dot]com.

Jan 2022 update:

Tom Riach has some access issues that visitors should be aware of. See this post for more details.

Bouldering at Tom Riach is still allowed, but the landowner has the right to block access to the parking spot.

Litter has been found in the woods, so please take all litter out with you, even if it’s not yours.

  • Access is still allowed, but please respect the land
  • Please take your, and other people’s, litter away with you
  • If the parking spot is blocked, park considerately elsewhere (not in passing places)
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